Tips For Staying Younger - 6 Things To Avoid

Age is something many of us have been obsessed with for years.

When we were younger we wanted grow up and be like our aunties and uncles, but at some point as we get older we wish to remain that way.

Nobody wants to look 10 years older. But could you be doing things that are ageing you without you even realizing it? Because some persons get older faster than their age

In this article we shortlist six daily actions and things that make you look older.

1) Drinking Liquor: 
Alcohol dehydrates us, but what a lot of people don’t tend to think about is that it dehydrates our skin. When our skin becomes parched, we might experience wrinkles, fine lines and acne. Not cool. 

Try a month or more without alcohol and see how you look and feel, as alcohol could easily score the first place in the list of things that make you look older.

2) Not Having Enough Sleep: 
What are your thoughts on sleep? Are you a type that finds it difficult to sleep often? Or do you crave as much sleep as possible? Sleep is super important for our body. 

Snatching 3-4 hours of sleep per night because you’re a busy person might sound cool at the time and you might even wake up feeling okay, but in the long term, a lack of sleep is putting your health and beauty at major risk. When we sleep, our bodies detoxify and heal.

3) Not Exercising: 
Lack of exercise is another one of those things that make you look older and that we can easily change. Maybe you exercise every now and then. Perhaps once a week; that might sound fine in theory but skipping exercise each day could be a major failure, if you don’t want to look older than you are. 

People who look fabulous even as they enter their forties tend to exercise each day.

4) Stressing Yourself Too Much: 
Stress is another one of things that make you look older. We know what you’re thinking. “It’s okay to say that how am I supposed to avoid it, when I have to pay my bills?” We all get stressed at some point or another. 

Some of us have bigger stressors than others, and some of us are in the firing line more than most. The trick is to ensure it does not weigh you down so much to let it affect your looks.

5) Smoking: 
Lastly, if you smoke you know the score on this one. Smoking can cause lung cancer, but even if it doesn’t, it’s going to age you super-fast.

6) Eating Different Combination of Foods: 
Do you think you indulge too much? Or are you not sure? A candy bar here and a chocolate treat there might not seem like much at the time, but this kind of indulgence can be hard to track – and it can really accelerate the ageing process.

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