Olamide Is One Of The Top Rappers In Nigeria - M.I Abaga

Nigerian rapper, M.I Abaga, has just described Olamide as one of the star rappers in Nigeria.

During an interview with Ori Conversations, MI Abaga, spoke about the many issues bothering the music industry as well as the state of hip-hop genre in Nigeria.

In the process of the conversation, a 2015 video clip showed the YBNL boss, Olamide, defending his decision not to remain a hardcore rapper, rather adding some spice in his music and he seemingly mocked those doing so.
MI after watching the video had this to say: ''In terms of the video, I can’t speak from their own vantage point of view, but I can imagine that when they were coming up, they were being attacked for what they were doing because if I remove all the pop music that Olamide has done and I just look at his hip-hop catalog, he’s one of the dopest rappers.

"Everything he said he contradicted it by his catalog, he’s the metaphor rapper, he’s such a dope rapper metaphorically, in terms of hardcore, what is hardcore? Hardcore is about the sound, carriage of you, stuff like that. Who’s morehardcore than Olamide"

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