Thursday, September 20, 2018

Psquare SAGA: Jude Okoye Labels is younger brother Peter Okoye "A Prodigal Son"

Jude Okoye, the face behind the P-Square brand used to be Peter and Paul Okoye’s manager, video producer and overall big brother. Looks like that’s done now.

Paul Okoye (left), Jude Okoye (center), Peter Okoye (right)

Not that the P-Square breakup is new, we didn’t know it was this deep. So, Jude Okoye shared a picture with his squad -Paul and Emeka on Instagram the other day and well no-one thought anything about it.
However, when a commenter pointed out Peter’s absence in the picture, he simply gave the most shady response ever! The follower was quite rude though and accused him of being comfortable with the disunity.
Peter Okoye a.k.a Mr P

He said:
“When the prodigal son left, did the father stop breathing or abandon the rest of the family? 

Paul Okoye also commented calling the follower a goat in Igbo, “Ewu”. Issa whole mess and we hope the Okoyes can settle anytime soon. Not that we’re flogging a dead horse but their brother Peter has earlier said he will only reunite with his brothers if they learn to respect his wife and kids.Looks like the drama won’t be letting up soon but only time will tell.

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