What Awolowo Said About Buhari When He Was Alive - Awolowo's Daughter

Olufunke Awolowo, a grand-daughter of late Obafemi Awolowo, has revealed what her late grand father said about President Buhari during his life time.

Speaking on the performance of President Buhari, Olufunke who is a member of the Alliance for People’s Trust Party said: “It’s been a long time I had been hearing about Buhari, so when he came back in 2014 with the change mantra, I thought he had really  changed. That’s why, at a point, I personally campaigned for him because I believed it was time for change.

“Someone even asked me if my late grandfather Chief Awolowo would’ve been happy to see me campaign for Buhari. I told the person that times had changed.

"But the past three years have shown that the man (Buhari) has not changed one bit"

Commenting further she said: “Buhari has failed, and that has taken my mind back to what Papa said about him a long time ago before he died. 

"My grandfather said then that General Buhari did not have a full understanding of politics and governance. 

"With what is happening in the country now, Papa was right. Nigeria needs someone who is sincere and who means well."

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