Saturday, November 3, 2018

TERRIBLE: 3 MADONNA UNIVERSITY Students Burnt To Death In A Ghastly Accident

Two buses conveying Madonna University students from Jalingo to the Southeastern part of Nigeria were involved in a fatal accident that left three students burnt to death.

The students boarded the TSTC buses to take them to school. However, on getting to Abakiliki, Ebonyi state, the buses were involved in an accident. One of the buses went up in flames, burning 3 students, on Friday October 3. One of the buses got burnt to ashes, roasting three of the students.
The names of the dead students have been revealed but as we are not sure if their families have been informed, they will not be published here.  Injured students were rushed to the hospital while those who survived took to Facebook to narrate the incident.
A student who survived wrote on Facebook:
One of my buses we chattered from Taraba state, containing only Madonna students (we chartered 2 buses) had an accident today around 6:PM, the bus somersaulted and caught fire immediately, the bus burnt beyond recognition, student were burnt inside the bus alive. 3 students were burnt to death beyond recognition (2 girls, 1 boy), 3 students managed to come out, but 1 broke her leg and head.
They were immediately rushed to the hospital (and they are all unconscious).
The buses contained 12 students (6 students in each bus, containing the driver, 7 people). It all happened in Ebonyi State, Abakiliki. (I don’t know the state of the driver, whether he survived or not.).
Currently I am in one police station in Abakalili, can’t travel again this night, I was actually in the bus in the beginning but later I changed to the other bus. (Thank God.) 5 girls and I’m the only boy in the second bus. We are all madonna students)

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