Friday, November 9, 2018

Watch The Most Trending Dance Video That Has The Whole World Falling: King Monada - Malwedhe

King Monada has the whole nation falling all in the name of dance.

If you've seen people randomly falling to the ground after
doing a dance, it's all thanks to Moreki hitmaker King Monada
If you're wondering what the song is all about, and why people are falling, here's a translation: 
"I have an illness. When you date me, don't play about dumping me. I am susceptible / likely to faint. If you cheat, I will faint. If you don't give me money, I will faint. If you don't come home, I will faint. If you switch off your phone, I faint" ~King Monada(song translation)

     Download Audio: King Monada - Malwedhe (Audio)

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