Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Married Men Are Like Helpers From God - Nigerian Lady Confessed

An unemployed lady who slept with about eight married men this year, after drawing her new year resolutions last year, one of which is to “stop sleeping with married men” has explained the reason why she finds it hard to stop.

According to her account which is seen below, she made it clear that married men are like helpers to singles.
Several Nigerian ladies proudly sleep with married men for money in recent times.

She wrote: “I slept with 8 married men this year. I feel so horrible. I hope I change next year. I prayed for change last year. Am Sorry. I tell God and I pray. I just want to say something. Because I was feeling depressed and suicidal. 
Married men are in form of helper from God. This year no job and am unemployed. It's this men who made my year okay. I really want to stop.”

“For some reason I think married men help us singles. Last year I slept with 3. This year 5 of them where unhappy and crying. I feel horrible. I have been thinking about my life. Also, married women who curse us singles, curse your husband's to, alot of married women were once in relationships with married men. I pray I change next year. God help me. But married women can do better”

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