Tuesday, January 1, 2019

KIM Warns TRUMP: Remove Sanction Since North & South Korea Has Decided To Stop Nuclear Weapon Production

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has sent a warning message to the U.S. over sanctions placed on North Korea, saying the country will not hesitate to act if the U.S don't keep to its promise and remove the sanction placed on them.

The leader said that the U.S should not misinterpret the patience of his people by making one sided demands.

According to reports from CNN, KIM said his country would not “Create, Test, Uses or Proliferate Nuclear Weapons,” in view that the U.S government will reciprocate by removing the sanction it placed on them and also stop all military exercise targeted towards South Korea.

However, Trump says sanctions placed on the nation would remain in place until North Korea give up its nuclear arsenal.

According to Sky News, Kim said: “Now that North and South Korea decided to take the path of peace and prosperity, we insist that joint military exercises with outside forces should no longer be allowed and deployment of war equipment such as outside strategic assets should be completely stopped."

He also said that "He will work towards a result that will be welcomed by the international community" and the relationship between the U.S. and North Korea would move at a “fast speed” if America is willing to work with his administration".

KIM also went further to make it clear that North Korea will have "no choice but to defend our country's sovereignty and supreme interest, and find a new way to settle peace on our peninsula [if the U.S.] misinterprets our people's patience, and makes one-sided demands and continues down the path of sanctions and pressure on our republic."

KIM still sent a very firm word of caution to the U.S that if Washington doesn't keep its Singapore promise and continues with sanctions, then he has Plan B in mind.

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