Sunday, January 13, 2019

Serena Williams Ready To Win Again As A Mother - Coach

Serena Williams who has just returned from maternity leave, arrived at the Australian Open in her best condition and according to her Coach Patrick Mouratoglou who guided Williams to her last 10 Grand Slam titles, “She's ready to win again”!!

During an interview with Reuters, Moratoglou said: 

“First of all, last year she made an incredible effort to come back in shape after having a baby and actually she came back in a decent shape quite fast, it was a big deal. She had a lot of medical issues after the delivery but she definitely was not 100 percent”

“She reached two Grand Slam finals, she was fit. I am knowing her now for a few years so I knew she could be much fitter but it’s just a question of time. And I think she’s fitter now, you can see it, it’s quite obvious when you see her on the court, how she moves”

“I think she came back to a very, very high level of fitness. “So she’s ready. She’s ready to compete and when Serena’s ready to compete, she’s ready to win.”

While two months’ pregnant, Williams claimed a record seventh Australian Open title in the professional era in 2017 but missed out on her title defense while on maternity leave.

“I feel when she’s playing at her best, she’s the best player in the world,” he said. “Of course, she’s not number one in the world, and I have a lot of respect for the number one but I still feel that if Serena plays her tennis and she’s herself 100 per cent, I still think she’s the best. But she has to show it now. “I think it might happen,” Mouratoglou said of Williams’ hopes for a 24th Grand Slam title. “We’ll do everything for it to happen this year.” 

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