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Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Danger Of Sleeping With A Married Woman (Read)

There is nothing to enjoy in sleeping with another man’s wedded wife other than curses and death. 
This act has become a trend among young folks seeking for quick cash. 

Sleeping with another man’s wife knowingly or unknowingly attracts some curses or punishments.

I was outside with my dad during a bright sunny afternoon, we were discussing other family matters, then at a point he pursed and turned towards me.

He said, "Son, I have been wanting to tell you this but it keep escaping my mind. 

“For no reason whatsoever will you lay with a married woman, it’s a curse and it's has destroyed the destiny of lots of men”

My eyes were opened, I was shocked hearing that from him, at least not at that time. 

Looking at his face, he was damn serious. He went on to say that “Son, your grandfather said the same to me”

Let me now take you to the Holy Bible:

1. Deuteronomy Chapter 5 vs 21       

In the Ten Commandments that the Lord gave Moses in Mount Horeb, the number 9 instruction read “Thou shalt not covet/desire thy neighbour's wife”. If this is not a serious matter, God wouldn't have listed it among his commandments.

2. Genesis Chapter 20

Abraham was in Gerar as a foreigner and he introduced his wife to people as his sister. This could be as a result of fear of the people attacking and killing him or for financial benefits.

The King, Abimelech took interest in Sarah, Abraham’s wife and sent for her to be brought to him. Mind you, Abimelech did not know that Sarah was Abraham’s wife, he thought she was his sister.

Here is the Punishment he would have had if he had slept with Sarah

Genesis 20:3, “But that night God came to Abimelech in a dream and told him, “You are a dead man”

So the punishment for sleeping with another man’s wife is death, it could be death in career, in business, in relationships or even physical death!


Genesis 20:3B, “…For that woman you have taken is already married!

Wow! The only reason God gave Abimelech is that the woman he took is already married.

Chapter 4-5: But Abimelech had not slept with her yet, so he said, “Lord, will you destroy an innocent nation? Didn’t 

Abraham tell me, ‘She is wife my sister’? And she herself said, ‘Yes, he is my brother.’ I acted in complete innocence! My hands are clean."

The only reason God did not punish Abimelech and the entire nation of Gerar was because he had not touched the woman yet, though he had intention to anyway!

In Chapter 6: God replied “Yes, I know you are innocent. That’s why I kept you from sinning against me, and why I did not let you touch her.

Oh! Can you see that? God did not want to punish him because of his innocence so He did not allow Abimelech touch Sarah because if he had, whether knowingly or not , then he would have been punished.

Now the curse of sleeping with another man’s wife goes beyond just the man alone, now it goes on even unto his family; his children and other household members.

From Genesis 20:8 to the end Abimelech returned Sarah as God instructed, he was pardoned and Abraham prayed for him and he did not die.

Genesis 20:17, Then Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelech, his wife and his female servants, so they could have children. For the Lord had caused all the women to be infertile because of what happened with Abraham’s wife Sarah.

3. Proverbs 8:39, (GNTA)

“It is just as dangerous to sleep with another man's wife. Whoever does it will suffer”

This bible verse made clear the punishment that will follow if a man is found guilty of sleeping with another man's wife, He will suffer. Suffering here might mean poverty, blockage in everything you do, nothing good working for you, meaningless life etc

Yet men sleep with other men’s wife, some out of lust will rape other men’s wife. They no longer even hide to do it these days and yet, there’s a great punishment - which is DEATH

This curse doesn't stop with you, it moves down to your generation.

If you have been into this act or you are still doing it, please go ask God for forgiveness with a sincere heart that you will not repeat it. 

He alone can free you from this great sin.

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