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Friday, February 1, 2019

2019 Election: Atiku's Plans For Nigeria - WIFE

Wife of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Titi Abubakar during a campaign rally at Abuja on Thursday explained to Nigerians how her husband Atiku Abubakar intend to develop the country, if elected as the next president.

She said that her husband has made money for himself and has children who are doing well for themselves, therefore he doesn't need to steal from the country.

She said: Atiku must rule!! Atiku must get Nigeria working again. You know that Atiku is a job creator and he is going to engage most of the unemployed people,” she noted.

“You know that Atiku is for restructuring. It is for your good. The Federal Government is too powerful that is why we must decentralise.

“Nigerian women are suffering. Atiku will give the women micro-credit so that you can do your businesses.”

In addition, she warned Nigerians not to sale their PVC, as it’s what will save them for the next 4 or 8 years.

She said: “Do not allow anybody to come and be giving you N10, 000. Do not destroy your children future. N10, 000 cannot carry you through 4 years and 8 years.

“The PVC they are collecting from you is a bad omen because on the day of voting you need your PVC.

“My women, I am telling you, collect their money and refuse to vote them. Vote the person of your choice.

“That money they are bringing to you is your money and your entitlement. Don’t give them your PVC. If you give them you have sold your children’s future.”

“Atiku does not want Nigerians money, he has made money. You know he has so many children.

“All the children are not working in government offices except for one, who is a medical doctor and she is the commissioner in Adamawa State.

“She has told his father that he is not APC or PDP. She said she wants to work for her people, she wants to save lives and that is what she has been doing.”

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