Saturday, February 23, 2019

APC Using Nigerian Military To Prevent PDP Agents From Accessing Results Collation Centres

The collation of results is going on at the moment and there are reports that the ruling party, APC is trying to manipulate electorates vote.
According to reports, the ruling party is using the Military to intimidate and prevent the PDP Agents from accessing results collation centres across the Country.

Areas stated are Abuja, Nasarawa and Rivers state. It was stated that PDP Agents are being prevented from accessing collation centres in these area's and the Nigerian armed forces are spearheading this evil act.

In Okirika LGA of Rivers State, it was reported that some militants men made away with all the electoral materials, thereby cutting short the counting of results that was on going.

Nigerians all over social media are lamenting for a free and fair electrons, and that their votes must count.

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