Thursday, February 7, 2019

Daughter & Mother Love: Yvonne Nelson's Daughter Shows How Connected She Is To Her Mother

Yvonne Nelson took to her Instagram page @yvonnenelsongh to share this video that was sent to her by her baby nanny.

According to her she left the house to attend an interview with #TV3Newday this morning when her baby Ryn was still asleep. Ryn stumped into the TV and saw her mum interacting with people who to her are strangers and she started crying, holding unto the TV and tried to reach out to her mother.

The actress revealed how happy, excited and emotional she was at seeing her daughter behave in such manner and decided to come back home to see her little bundle of joy.

She wrote: "My nanny just sent me this. im all teary..... she was still sleeping when i left the house for this driving back home my baby. @rynroberts mama is coming."

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