Monday, February 25, 2019

Former Arsenal & France Midfielder Abou Diaby Retires From Football

Former Arsenal and France midfielder Abou Diaby has confirmed his retirement from football  on Monday due to long lasting injuries.
Diaby, 32, who was doped the "New Veira" never had the oppurtunity to prove it due to a broken leg, he last featured in a game since August 2016, when he lined up for Marseille in Ligue 1.

However, a nine and a half season injury disrupted and cut short his career.

Talking to RMC Sport, Diaby said he his putting an end to his career.

He said: "I put an end to my professional career, It was time. For a number of years, it has been difficult for me to come back. I had a lot of physical problems."

He added: "I decided to stop simply because the body was not following. It's difficult because I have spent most of my life in football. It's a closing chapter.

"There is a new one that opens. It is a well-considered decision. When I left Marseille, I gave myself a year.

"It turned out to be more complicated than I thought. I got to a point where even in my daily life it bothered me."

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