Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine's Special: Gift's Idea For Her

Your valentine’s day this 2019 should be unforgettable.

Valentine is non-arguably in all lovers mind and heart at the moment. In fact lovers all over the world are beginning to count down to that day. But, lover are a little bit confuse as to what gift they are to get for their loved one's, here are some gift ideas for you. But trust me, this year’s Valentine is surely going to be a bomb, with all shades of surprises.

1. Wigs

Men who loves seeing their woman look beautiful should be familiar with what their woman rocks best. You can go through their pictures to make a choice, but be sure to get her quality wigs though. You can refresh her feelings for you with a beautiful wig.

2. Perfume oil

Perfume oils are gradually replacing perfumes because they last longer and smell nicer. When you apply these perfume oils at your pulse points e.g your neck, wrists, inner elbow, or cleavage, behind your ears, your body heat causes the perfume oil to diffuse all through your body.
There are however other mind-blowing fragrances you can get as perfume oils for your babe.

3. Cakes

Cakes are definitely the best gift to give your woman during this season of love. It comes with a lot of surprises, especially when its well carved, customised, designed and delivered to her either at work, school hostel or wherever she is likely to be at that time.
Bro, women will put you in the white book of life for a dazzling cake. This is also very perfect for a long distance relationship. Make it thoughtful and beautiful.

4. Wrist Watches

If she's a lover of wrist watches and maybe she no longer like the one she's presently wearing. Then getting this for her will make her happy and place your on the top of her heart for meeting her most desired need at that moment. A Gold wrist watch that's of quality will do the magic for you.

5. Proposal Ring

This is undoubtedly all women's dream, it will surely turn out to be her best Valentine ever. If you have been thinking of going down on one knee on Valentine’s day, you should no if she likes public or private proposals. Get a professional photographer to capture the moment, just try to get your plans right.

6. Makeup Kit/Box

Most girls are Makeup lovers, if she is one, then this can also be a gift she will so much appreciate and cherish. Surprise her with a full makeup kit. You should get something that's of quality as makeup lovers are used to and can differentiate between original and fake makeup products. I know you want your Valentine gift to make a difference, therefore you will need to make some findings.

7. Necklace

Necklaces are beautiful,  you can make a customized necklaces with her name, her pet name or a symbol that means something to you both inscribed on the pendant. You just need to make her happy, you can go for Gold necklaces because it's always beautiful and represent the moment. Just be creative anyways!

8. Flowers

Lovely flowers can have her melt by it smell. Some woman still love flowers, but you have to study your woman very well to know if she is a lover of flowers. If she's not, you have to skip this one, but she is, it's definitely going to be so lovely and romantic to present to her on Valentines day.

9. A Handwritten Letter

This is one of the oldest way of expressing ones true feelings, but still a romantic way of being natural and real especially if they are thoughtful, sincere and straight from your heart. This will be the perfect valentine’s day gift if you are on a low budget but would still want to show your woman a truckload of love on this special day.

It would help if you have fine handwriting and even if you don’t it makes this all the more exciting to have a part of you in a written package.

10. Sexy Lingerie

Some ladies will found this cool, especially when she's the type that love looking hot and sexy for her man. It gives her a feeling of what you expect her to wear when she's with you. She will surely be wooed that you think of her to be romantic, hot and sexy, therefore this may be the perfect time to get her that expensive lingerie she has always wanted.

11. Teddy Bear

A customized teddy bear or a heart-shaped throw pillow will also be a great buy for your woman in this season of love. If your girlfriend is a lover of pets, i bet, she is still the teddy bear girl most likely. Get this for her and it will score you so many points if the relationship is mostly long distance.

Well, this might be the best Valentine gift because you are meeting a specific need. What has she been whining about? Surprise her with this and watch her melt before you.

Do these and come thank me later

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