Saturday, February 16, 2019


I got back from office that afternoon to pick up a file & I met my future sister in-law on my bed like this;
I just moved into my new three bedroom apartment in preparation for a new family, I told my fiancĂ© that I was moving and needed her to come fix the house the way she wanted it to be but since we decided not to see each other till after the wedding, she sent her younger sister; who just got into Nigeria and is an interior decoration expert.

I waited for one whole week but this her sister didn't show up until it was just two weeks to the wedding. She came with the body of a goddess and giving me ideas on losing my virginity before my wedding but I have PhD in self control hence I didn't misbehave.

The first day she came, she just observed the apartment and sat with me to decide the colours she would use. All through our conversation her breast was just outside looking at me eyeball to eyeball (you know say abroad people no dey kukuma get time so she didn't bother). 

In all our discussion that lasted for about 1hr I had more than seven different erections that was so obvious that at some point I had to stylishly use my hand to make sure I covered my virginity. At some point, she giggled and told me to be free that it's a normal thing but as a Christian brother that I am, I can't allow junior to be misbehaving when I'm with my future sister in-law. I discovered that all we discussed that day didn't even enter my head, two days later when she came with the colours I rejected them out rightly. Power of breast.

I gave her a key to the apartment to rent and ease the decoration process for her and myself.

One faithful afternoon, I was to have a meeting (the last meeting and day at work before I get my 6weeks leave for my marriage) but just few hours to the meeting I discovered I had forgotten the most important file that necessitated the meeting. I had to go back home
I quickly got into the car, luckily for me there was no traffic to keep me unnecessarily so in about 15mins I was home. I tried to open the door but discovered the door was open already, so I concluded that Shania must be busy inside. I just wanted to rush in and rush out, I didn't even want her to notice I came back because she was going to bring her big bumbum and start shaking it in my face and tempting my innocent virginity. I just tiptoed across to my room found Shania in a very tempting position giggling and chuckling. I had to step out, I really wanted to get my file out but all this laughs and giggles must have a motivation. So I decided to chill a little longer and see what was happening. Next I heard from Shania was "Come out babe, I need your tongue in my Pu**y right now".

At this point, something told me to start going back but another thing reminded me that I had to collect the file that brought me home so I had to stay and figure out a way to get the file and get out like I never came at all.
I heard a voice respond from the bathroom (though faint) "I'm coming babe, I'm gonna eat your soul out bitch" Ayemi o, te mi ba mi

This one is too much abeg, I just shook the door to give her sign someone was around. She immediately covered up and smiled at me, I just told her not to worry that I just came to get the file by the head of my bed which she handed to me and immediately apologized. I tried to form strong Nigga by telling her not to worry I understand, as I turned around and walked away.

As I was walking out, I was just wondering what was happening on my soon to be matrimonial bed and trying to unsee the fresh body I just saw while going through the file to be sure I got it this time. I noticed the file she gave me isn't the one I needed so I had to turn back,
I quickly rushed in because I was already late for the meeting. I unconsciously barged into the room and the sight I met made me confused. I think I had temporary amnesia when I saw my future wife literally licking up her said sister's Pu**y.

I died and rose again at this sight. As a matter of fact, my spirit and soul took a quick stroll out of my body because they could behold the iniquity that was beholding me at that moment.

I later discovered that my wife is a lesbian and that was the reason she was able to stay with me as a virgin that I am for our 9months relationship. Her parents were apparently beginning to worry about her not getting married or having a boyfriend at her age so she used me.

Shania isn't her sister but her lover from abroad who came to spend time with her, but she had explained the whole situation to her and that one is even bisexual.

I had to call off the wedding and have peace of mind.

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