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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Trending!!! Lagosians Raises Placards Against The Igbos

Lagos State, a state comprises of it indigenes, other Yoruba speaking people, foreigners and lots of different ethnic groups across the country, is currently on fire!!
Some of these people are residing and doing their business there, while some built houses and businesses in the state. 

Some groups rose up to attack the eastern people (igbos), telling them to “leave lagos state and go create their own lagos”, while some are chanting that the igbos should respect the Oba of lagos and heed to his demands, forgetting that Nigeria is for all and as a citizen you are free to live, do your business and exercise your civic right there. 

It should be recall that after the 2015 Governorship election in the state, that saw Ambode being the elected Governor, majority of the igbos voted for PDP and the Oba threatens to throw the Igbos in “Lagoon” if such act be repeated. 

Election and Voting is choice, you can not impose your choice on people, they have their PVC which is their electronic right to vote whosoever they want, it's their right. Many believe that this is a ploy by the elders of the ruling party, APC to stop the Igbos from coming out in mass and cast their vote on the 9th March, 2019. 

Some also believe that the chant “OTO GE” that resulted in Dr. Bukola Saraki losing is senatorial seat should be directed to Tinubu who has held lagos for 20years now. Then One will ask, where is this hatred coming from? Is Jimi Agbaje a igbo man?

Some person's went further to suggest that if the Federal government will commission and build seaport in the easthern region, that the igbos will leaveLagos  immediately.

Lots of Nigerians took to Tweeter to give their opinion on the said issue:

16years of PDP while lagosian are in someone's bondage for 20years and they are ready to add another 4years to it.

Do these people understand that if every IGBO man in Lagos leaves.... Lagos automatically becomes the poorest state in the country??

Empty barrels ! We own these Yoruba folks.Stop carrying placard when they bribe you with two De rica of rice

funny country. That's why some Nigerians were sent packing in Ghana. How can this country be one when our leaders sponsor shameful acts like this. Their plan is to scare some ethnic groups away to stop them from voting in gubernatorial & state assembly elections in Lagos

I have said it before. Yoruba and Igbo always cohabit nonbelligerently until electioneering period. This is a calculated manipulation of the elites who feel entitled to hold onto power

Just hearing this trash about take over so distasteful..Igbo ppl r not contesting governorship n they never blocked any yoruba man from prospering..D pull to Lagos was that it was d federal capital b4 n seaport..just operationalize one seaport in d east n they r gone

Oh God look at one of the problem we are having in this country... When will our youth have sense?
Fear of defeat

Let me contribute to this with my little knowledge. Nigeria is one as a country yes we know, But saying Lagos is no man’s like is like saying imo is no man’s land too. Lagos is a yoruba state but any can stay here. If you’re born in Lagos your automatically a Lagosian by birth.

A Lagosian by birth? That's not how it works in Nigeria. You're an indigene of your father's town. Lagos has indigenes. Everyone else is a resident, Yoruba, Igbo, Ibibio, Edo, Hausa etc

All this beggers sef Which one is Lagos is our own, last I check no one told me I could build a house where I wanted without having to pay for the land awon ode, instead of this didirins to be worried about removing themselves from the slavery of Tinubu they are saying rubbish

How have we yorubas made to become petty and silly by Tinubu. It's sad and disgusting. I laugh when Lagos residents are shouting o to ge in Kwara, when the real O to Ge is right there under their nose in Lagos.

This should be avoided at all cost. The celebrities should also intervene. If it's not properly handled there might be crises in Lagos during the Governorship elections. Nigeria is for all of us.. Tribalism should be put aside but then all ethnic groups should be respected

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