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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Masturbation, It Side Effects And How To Stop It

Masturbation is the act of satisfying yourself by yourself, for sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. 
This evil act is usually done in a secret place, with the hands, fingers, sex toys, etc.

Masturbation occurs among human of both sexes, but it is more dangerous in men. Its a mind game, especially when you are the type that love watching pornographic and sexual movies. 

Loneliness, idleness and not being able to approach a woman are among the main factors of masturbation among men. 

This act is very difficult to stop, especially when you've found yourself indulging in it already. Those that masturbates are sometimes said to be into a spiritual bondage, especially when it get to that point where it can't be controlled.

Many people keep asking "What's the difference between someone that masturbates and a married man that does it everyday with his wife?"

There are lots of difference, God created man and gives him a woman as a helper. Helper in so many ways, not only in producing children or in house chores, there are a lot about the woman's vagina that helps the man healthwisely during and after sex. God is a master planner, you can't question him; "He didn't create man to be alone because He knows that loneliness will kill him, and it will result to this. He gave him a woman"

Look for a woman/man and stop killing yourself.

Effects Of Masturbation 
Below are the effects of an excessive masturbation;

1. You will loose a lot of vital fluids (e.g vitamins) from your body.
2. Possibility of developing erectile dysfunctioning and quick ejaculation during sex.
3. Brain problem e.g lost of memory.
4. Breaks the cell that holds sperm i.e it makes your sperm watering 
5. Makes men impotent if done regularly without control

How To Stop It

Stopping this act completely is not easy, it is a gradual process, but I believe this three methods will be of great help to you, as it has been helping others.

1. Your Mind

Work on what goes in and out of your mind, that is the first step to stopping this evil behaviour. Get your mind busy, stop going to that closet, that hidden or lonely place, listen to music's, read lot of interesting books, hang out with friends, engage in church activities, think on your next action to make money. Just get busy with your mind!!

2. Tell Yourself That Its Bad

The truth is this "After indulging in it, how do you feel?", if it feels normal to you then it going to be difficult to stop. You have to start getting angry at yourself for during it. You have to start seeing it as a bad behaviour which is capable of destroying you. I guess you wouldn't want another man to help you sex or impregnate your wife?

3. Pray To God

You have to always pray to God to help you overcome the temptation of indulging in masturbation. After indulging in it, kneel down immediately and ask God for forgiveness. By so doing, your mind will start purging you and you will definitely start stopping it gradually.

Finally, know that masturbation is an offence to God

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