Sunday, March 24, 2019

See How Reno Omokri Rejected The EVE With Big Ass Who Invited Him For LUNCH In Her City

Reno Omokri, who went on tour with his kids in Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherland was invited to lunch by a lady with big Ass in the same city.
The big Ass lady who made the invite through her twitter page @Iyke83012262 ,where she sent a tweet to Reno. 

She wrote: "You are in my city care for lunch tomorrow" 

The Popular Author, lawyer and PDP ranting robot applied her swiftly.

He wrote: "Whether it is food eaten on the table or elsewhere, I have enough food in my own home. Thank you very much. Even if I had wanted to mingle with my fans, your profile picture speaks volumes. It radiates something that I have no desire to have outside my home"

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