Saturday, March 16, 2019

Yusuf Buhari Receives NYSC Certificate In Aso Rock - Nigerians Reacts

The Son of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Yusuf Buhari was  issued the mandatory NYSC Certificate at home in Aso Rock, Abuja.

The National Youth Service Corp  (NYSC) is a one year mandatory program for all graduate in Nigeria, where graduates are posted to different part of the country to obey their clarion call, Mingle with other ethnic groups, and serve their father land. 

Graduates are posted to their place of primary assignment (PPA) e.g Teach, Health, Judiciary, Agro allied etc, where they impacts knowledge and improve the sector they are posted to.

In recent weeks, pictures of graduates that just concluded their one year Nysc service has been all over the media. They took pictures of themselves wearing the NYSC vest, along side their Nysc discharge certificate.

Amongst all the pictures, the one that caught the eyes and attention of Nigerians was that of the President's son, who was seen posing with his Nysc discharge Certificate.

Nigerians reaction:

Did Yusuf Buhari attended camp? Na wa, so presentation of NYSC certificate is now done inside villa.

Yusuf Buhari has completed his NYSC…. what they said

Who has seen him during the mandatory 3 weeks camp?

Who has ever seen him at his place of primary assignment?

Who has ever met him during the monthly clearance?
But we keep desecrating the sanctity of the word INTEGRITY

Some Nigerians said it might be due to the on going NNPC recruitment, that's why he cut his NYSC service year short and collect his discharge certificate.

Good morning,
NNPC advertises job opening for the first time in 4 years; Yusuf Buhari cuts his NYSC service year short and collects his discharge certificate. 
It will not be a surprise if the NNPC recruitment exercise is for him.
The witch cried, the baby died.

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