Saturday, April 27, 2019

A Lady Cries Out After Her 9 Years Relationship Ends In Heartbreak

A lady who recently had her heart broken by her lover, after a 9 years relationship took to social media to rain curses on him in tears.
According to reports, during the relationship she got pregnant three times and aborted all for him and also gave him the last money in her account then (#300,000) to complete his project and clear every other stuffs in his final year as a medical doctor.

However, the guy's parents were fully in support of the relationship earlier, while she was financially supporting the guy during his University days, spending even more than the parents, with hope that the relationship will have a happy ending. Now the parents don't find her worthy to be their daughter In-law.

She went further to claim that the guy had earlier made her regect three suitors that came to ask for her hand in marriage, with lies that if she went ahead to marry, he will kill himself.

The Guy replied: "Deborah please try and move on with life, it can't work. Stop reminding me about the good you did, if you want me to pay you all the money you spent, tell me and I will pay you in double fold. Stop sucking over nothing, move on please. I don't love you anymore and my parents aren't okay with you. So don't push it"

She responded: "God will punish you 😭😭, it will never be well with you, tears will never depart from your home 😭 my life may end tonight but even in death, i will never forgive you. You shall beg for death, but death will run away 😭😭.
Victor why? I love you with my all 😭😭 God will punish you"

He replied: "Your words have no holds on me, your curse won't work 😄, you are just a loser girl"

She cried: "😭 oh my God, I'm am dying here"

Will such a curse work on this guy? Have your say 

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