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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Cardi B - This is Why I Love DJ KHALED

Cardi B and DJ Khaled
Popular American female rapper, songwriter, and stripper, Cardi B, who started becoming an internet celebrity after several of her post and video went viral, has come out to disclose the main reason she loves DJ Khaled.

Taking to her official Twitter handle, the female Hip-hop star rapper said that although it is a personal feeling, what she like about the American DJ is that he always says positive prayers to his friends.

He would say bless up, have a beautiful day, I hope you doing good, how is the baby?... He always says positive things and shows care.

"On some personal shit lols, what I like about DJKHALED is every time he talks to anybody he always say 'bless up', have a beautiful day, I hope you doing good?, how’s the baby? Its like a positive positive person, like if all his chakras are balance and I love that," She wrote

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