Friday, May 17, 2019

Eco-Bank Begins #30 Environmental Sanitation On Plastics - "Get Cash For Plastic Bottles"

Following the recent environmental menace facing Lagos State, where we have lots of plastics littering the surrounding and blocking water ways.
It has become a norm that during rainy season, the drainage systems are blocked due to littering of plastics that form clog and block the water ways, preventing passage of waste water, littering the environment and causing increased insects e.g mosquitoes that causes malaria.

Eco-bank has come up with a better plan to reduce the adverse effect of this act by encouraging the masses to pick up any plastic found around their surroundings and go drop it at the stated Eco-bank branches where waste boxes has been provided. In return, #30 has been designated as compensation to anyone involve.

"We are kickstarting the campaign to clear 4 million bottles from our environment. So don't delay. Bring in your plastic bottles, starting today"

Eco-bank Branches:-
(1) 20, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
(2) 52, Lagos road, Ikorodu town, Lagos
(3) 487, Ikorodu road, Ketu
(4) 8, Funsho Williams Avenue, Ojuelegba, Lagos

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