Thursday, May 9, 2019

Jose Mourinho Blasts Ajax Coach: "You Blew It Away!"

The Champions League Semi-final between Ajax and Tottenham at Amsterdam was a very dramatic and unbelievable one, which saw Tottenham advanced on a 3-3 away goal aggregate.
However, Ex-Manchester United Coach, Jose Mourinho believes that it was all Erik Ten Hag's fault, as he should have put aside his attacking philosophy and adopt a defensive approach when they were 3-0 up.

Speaking to beIN SPORTS, Mourinho said: "The philosophy is what makes a team grow up. You need that base, you need that philosophy, you need a style of play adapted to the qualities of the players you have and Ajax deserve all the credit for that.

"But football is a sporting battle and in battles you need strategy and to win matches, especially special matches, you need sometimes to go against your philosophy to win a football match.

"The basic thing you do when you have an advantage is to keep your balance all the time, never [become] imbalanced.

"The balance starts with the defensive line in position and after that a certain number of players always behind the ball. But they stuck with their philosophy, they played the second half like they were playing against Vitesse in the Dutch league.

"Tottenham changed, they used very well the direct football, they were lucky, they had the Gods of football with them but they chased that luck."

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