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Friday, September 20, 2019

BBNAIJA - Tacha & Mercy Shut-Up Elo & Diane Over Missing Red Box

BBNAIJA 2019, Tacha and Mercy
In what may seem like an endless fight, the Pepper Dem Gang were at each other’s throats over a case of the missing red box.

Just when we thought the night was going to end in smiles and happy thoughts after a session with Tuface Idibia, the Housemates proved us wrong by showing us why they are proud members of the Pepper Dem Gang.

How come did they remember to pack food from the party but left the Red Box in the Arena?

Tacha, who seemed affected the most about the repercussion and consequences of the missing Red Box, did not fail to scream out her opinion to the offender, Elozonam.

MackenzieSkyBlog  understands that did not want to partake in any punishment Biggie had in store for them. To further buttress her point, she reprimanded Elozonam and Diane for leaving the box after a lit night of partying and eating.

Supporting the motion, Mercy also yelled at Elozonam and Diane, she didn’t quite understand why he couldn’t own up to his mistake and break the Arena door. “Break it open and be a hero,” she constantly screamed.

Amidst the yells, screams and curses, it was nice seeing how fear could turn Tacha and Mercy into screaming queens in the Pepper Dem House.

However, lover girl Diane was not having it and she exploded while trying to express her anger to Tacha. 

All thanks to hero Elozonam who carried his princess away from what might have resulted in a crime scene before things got escalated between Tacha and Diane.

The fear of Biggie’s punishment is the beginning of wisdom in the Pepper Dem House. Perhaps this is what got Mercy and Tacha in that mood.

Biggie gathered the housemates in the lounge to address the issue. First, he addressed how this wasn’t the first case of carelessness with the Pepper Dem Gang and the Red Box, all within the period of a week. 

Next, he reminded them of the punishment and consequences that accompany losing the box or being careless with it.

“Your punishments are not limited to Strikes and may involve the early departure of certain Housemates,” he added.

After having a father-children chat with them, he asked them to take the box but to spend the time pondering on how things went so bad quickly.

Of course, Elozonam was quick to get the Red Box back and as soon as he got seated again, the Housemates knew Biggie’s silence was not to be taken likely.

“This conversation is not over,” Biggie said, and we can’t wait to see what awaits the Pepper Dem Housemates

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