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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Xenophobia - Iya Rainbow Prays For Nigerians In A Beach Wearing White Garments

Xenophobic Attacks
The South-Africa xenophobic attacks on foreigners as well as fellow African country, have taken the world by surprise as many have been feared dead following the illegal killing of innocent people in the country.

Many world leaders, especially African leaders, including celebrities all over the world have called on the South-African government to put a stop on the brutal act, which has already taken lots of lives in the region.

Seasoned Nigerian actress, Iya Rainbow in her own path decided to take the matter to God in prayers in the beach, where she was seen prayer to God to help bring back peace among the Africa continent.

The Nollywood actress, Iya Rainbow who wore a white garment while in the beach, cried out into the beach in her yoruba dialect while kneeling, pleaded to God to save Nigerians leaving in South Africa from the brutal killings.

Sharing a video of herself dressed in a white garment and praying for the country, the 77-year old actress said: 

"God, my country Nigeria is dying."

The actress who has featured in countless movies both local and international, kicked against the evil act perpetrated by the African country saying we are brothers and should love one another.

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