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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

N-Power Beneficiaries Protest, Accuses Lagos State Govt Of Marginalization

Npower Beneficiaries Protest
N-power Beneficiaries
Some beneficiaries of the Nigerian government empowerment programme, N-Power on Tuesday protested at the Lagos Television, Alausa, Lagos State.

The aggrieved beneficiaries accused the Lagos State Government of ignoring them in its recruitment processes.

The volunteer also raised alarm concerning late payments of their monthly stipend which usually comes at the end of each other months. 

Making it difficult for them to transport themselves to their various place of primary assignment, following the banning of both motorcycle and tricycles which has resulted in the increase in transportation in the state

Speaking to some pressmen during the protest, a beneficiary of N-Agro and the coordinators of N-power in Lagos state said that it been 3-years now and nothing is being said about the plan to permanent or absorb them in as full-time teachers.

“We have volunteered for them for like three years and there is a lot of recruitment going on and we have not been considered at all.

“Federal government has done its part, paying us for like three years but our work benefits the state,” he said

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