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Friday, 3 April 2020

Just In - Corona Beer Manfacturers Stops Production Over COVID-19 Pandemic

Corona Beer
Corona beer
Two beer manufacturing companies situated in Mexico, including the producers of Corona beer, Grupo Modelo have said they're temporarily stopping production due to the health emergency within the country over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The producers of Corona beer, Grupo Modelo, who also produces brands such as Pacifico and Modelo said the measure was in line with the Mexican government’s order to suspend all non-essential activities until April 30 to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The company said this in a statement on Thursday, adding that it might complete the suspension within the following days.

“We are within the process of lowering production at our plants to the bare minimum,” the statement read

Grupo Modelo said it had been able to operate with 75 percent of its staff working remotely to ensure the availability of beer if the govt agreed.

Since the beginning of the virus crisis, Corona beer has been the punchline of jokes and memes, and a web rumor said sales within the US dropped by around 40 percent after the outbreak.

However, in late February, Constellation Brands, which owns the Corona label, denied the rumor and said sales had stayed strong within the US whilst the virus has spread internationally.

Mexico has thus far registered over 1,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 50 deaths.

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