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Friday, April 24, 2020

Obama Blasts Trump's Approach Towards Fighting Coronavirus In US

US President, Donald Trump and Obama
US President, Donal Trump
Barack Obama has slammed Donald Trump's reaction to the coronavirus emergency on Wednesday, asserting there is still no 'reasonable national arrangement' to address the ravaging COVID-19. 

The former US President made this comment via his Twitter page, where he stated that President Trump's government has no 'coherent national plan' yet to fight the pandemic.

Obama tweeted:

"While we continue to wait for a coherent national plan to navigate this pandemic, states like Massachusetts are beginning to adopt their own public health plans to combat this virus––before it’s too late."

Obama utilized the tweet to give an assault on the president, yet in addition commended Massachusetts for its reaction to the pandemic with a New Yorker article titled: 'It's Not Too Late to Go on Offense Against the Coronavirus'

As a few states keep on mourning that they don't have the provisions to control enough testing, some have assumed control over issues. 

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker propelled an arrangement for full-scale, statewide testing, which will be utilized to execute a powerful isolate and treatment system. The state was able to expand the number of tests controlled from only 41 on March 9 to in excess of 8,000 by April 17. 

Obama's bashing comes as the House is getting ready to pass a $484 billion interim coronavirus bill Thursday after it was passed at the Senate Wednesday, yet a few Democrats have slammed the legislation, asserting it doesn't go far enough. 

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