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Thursday, June 4, 2020

BBNaija Reunion Day3 Face-Off - Which Housemates Has The Best Punchline? (See Quotes)

Big Brother Naija Reunion - Tacha And KimOprah Face Off
The third day of the going Big Brother Naija's #PepperDem reunion reality TV show came with a lot of punchlines, as ex-housemates dropped the hottest quotes towards each other.

The reality TV show seems to be all about Tacha, as virtually everyone has something to say to her.

However, the Queen of Titans seemed to be prepared for the show, knowing that she will be surrounded by those that have ill-feelings concerning her personality.

See quotes below...

Ebuka - "You were born to be real and not to be perfect."

KimOprah was not cool with Tacha when she said that other housemates escorted her into the house.

Tacha to Kim - "I have to believe in myself, I have to hype myself"

Kim to Tacha - "Your insecurities make you speak like that. You said you've learned but you haven't. You left! You were disqualified!"

Tacha to Kim - "Your insecurities are playing a joke on you, not me, Kim If you have a problem with my confidence, that’s your insecurity!"

Tacha to Kim - "If there's anything you need to fix, you have to fix your insecurities" 

KimOprah boasts that if she and Tacha should stand out for a contest, no one will ever pick Tacha over her.

Tacha reminded her that the last time “people” had to choose between them, she was chosen over Kim.

Tacha to Kim - "The last time we stood up together, side by side... You Left"

Tacha to Kim - "As an alpha female, people feel intimidated."

Jackye - "Anyone who feels intimidated probably doesn't know who they are."

Venita - "Tacha likes to belittle others to feel better about herself. Hurt people hurt people. She has to develop another way to fix her confidence" 

Tacha - "There was no time I left my personal space and go look for trouble."

Kim - "I don't think Tacha backed up her bragging in the house."

Seyi - "Bragging is when you're an empty barrel and you're making a lot of noise."

Frood - "When a braggart meets a confident person, there will be a face-off."

Ike - "If you're confident in yourself you don't need to Brag."

Esther - "It's a game; I'll put you down to get into your head. If I'm going to be this person, I'll have to be ready to bear the consequences when the game is over."

Nelson - "Omashola was loud, I don't think it was a show-off."

Mercy - "I have many clothes, it's not showing off, I just like to look good and change cloth."

BBNaija Season 3 winner, Mercy Eke is yet to show why she's being referred to as the 'Queen of Highlights', as she was seen laughing and catching fun while the other housemates attacked Tacha.

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