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Sunday, August 16, 2020

BBNaija: Neo Reconciles With Vee, Orders Card & Flowers For Her Birthday

BBNaija: Neo Reconciles With Vee, Orders Card & Flowers For Her Birthday
BBNaija Neo and Vee
BBNaija season 5 lovebirds, Neo and Vee have finally settled their fight after sorting for advice from other housemates.

When we are going through relationships it is only natural to go through ups and downs, and Neo and Vee's relationship is not an exception as they are known to fight in the morning and makeup in the evening.

Today, there was a petty quarrel between Vee and Neo as he feels that Vee has been unfair towards him particularly when he was sick and needed to eat, he caught Vee eating without him. 

Vee explained that Neo was disrespectful in telling her to 'Fu*k off!' in public, and she warned that if he does that to her in public again, she would 'Call it off'. 

Neo went to seek advice from some of the other housemates as he maintained that he tried to maintain peace with Vee in multiple ways.

The fight took place this morning in the hair salon after Praise had asked Neo not to confront Vee in the salon.

Ozo's Advice.
Immediately after the fight, Neo made his way to the changing rooms where he found Ozo and explained his own part of the story. Ozo advised Neo to be the bigger man in the relationship, after agreeing that Vee was definitely in the wrong. 

Kiddwaya's Advice.
Beside saying that Vee was a British girl and that mentality made her a little different. Kiddwaya also said that Vee is now used to Neo treating her so well that when Neo did something small, she wouldn't like it.

Laycon's Advice.
Laycon advised Neo to go make peace with Vee. He stressed that in a relationship, there are two people involved and sacrifices need to be made in order to make sure that the relationship is solid. 

Laycon also told Neo that it sounded like there were underlying issues and it could not only be about soup, swearing, and sleeping in Trikytee's bed and that hidden issues need to be discussed.

Neo's Chat With Nengi
After listening to Neo for a while, Nengi asked if there were underlying issues because that how it seemed. Neo avoided the issue, telling Nengi that he thinks it's the issue of telling Vee to 'F off'. 

At this point, Vee called Nengi and that conversation ended there. Nengi made her way to where Vee was to talk to her friend.

Throughout the day, Vee had multiple discussions with many of the girls, who eventually convinced her to extend an olive branch. Which she did by leaving a note for Neo while he slept, with their help. 

Vee Revealed The Underlying Issue
Vee said she became upset after Neo left the bed they have shared for weeks to go sleep somewhere else.  She thought it was very disrespectful and had he just come to bed like she expected him to, they could have sorted everything out, but Neo rather, made things worse.

During Neo's dairy session, he requested something special for Vee's birthday in the form of a card and some flowers.

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