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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

“Mummy Calm Down” Video Is Not A Child Abuse - Yomi Casual Slams Buhari’s PA

“Mummy Calm Down” Video Is Not A Child Abuse - Yomi Casual Slams Buhari’s PA
Yomi Casual
Well-known celebrities model, Yomi Casual has slam the senior special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on social media, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie for calling the viral “Mummy Calm Down” video a child abuse.

According to him, he sees no child abuse in the act of disciplining a child and that if the parents did not start at an early age to correct their children's mistakes, then they should be ready to hire a lawyer to defend their crimes in the nearest future.

He said;

“If you always defend your children’s mistakes, one day you will hire a lawyer to defend their crimes. Discipline is not child abuse.”

A few days ago, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie reacted on the viral ‘Mummy Calm Down’ video, describing it as a clear case of child abuse and not a proper way to discipline a child as times have changed for such kind of child treatment.

Her statement reads;

“The calm down video, is a clear case of child abuse. That was not discipline.

“Many Nigerian adults today, are suffering from the effects of similar abuse when they were children.

“In the UK, the child would be in care, in his mother's charged.

“I was distressed by the calm down video. I can’t imagine the trauma that child and other children who watched it, went through.

“We must make laws that protect children in our nation.

“There are better and more effective and humane ways of effecting behavioural changes in children.”

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  1. Those who never benefited from proper home training will quote cultures they're never known as standards in our society. What training has Onochie to comment on child upbringing. Handle your child properly so that you can have rest later in life.


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