'We Can't Trade Biafra For Just 8-Year Term Of A President' - IPOB Disagrees With Ohaneze Idigbo - Mackenzie Sky Blog

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

'We Can't Trade Biafra For Just 8-Year Term Of A President' - IPOB Disagrees With Ohaneze Idigbo

'We Can't Trade Biafra For Just 8-Year Term Of A President' - IPOB Disagrees With Ohaneze Idigbo
Ohaneze Idigbo 
The leaders of the Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have expressed its disagreements with the Ohaneze Idigbo group after the later said its focus remains on ensuring that the next President comes from the zone.

IPOB insists that Igbos will not trade the demand for a sovereign state of Biafra for a President in 2023.

According to the Nation, IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, said that the group would not relent in its pursuit of independence for Biafrans despite Ohanaeze’s contrary position.

His reaction was based on the recent statement made by Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, on the Hausa Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Sunday.

El-Rufai declared his support for the next President of Nigeria to come from the Southeast. However, his statement was attacked by Buhari's cousin, Mamman Daura, who insisted the next President could come from any part of the country.

Powerful said Biafrans would not succumb to the political game of the Nigerian government and that freedom for life can not be compared to a President who will only serve for eight years.

He said; 

“We want freedom, which is forever. The presidency is just for eight years. We are not prepared to trade freedom for just eight-year term of a president.”

However, Ohanaeze President in Anambra State, Chief Damian Okeke-Ogene, told newsmen that the organisation is not in support for a sovereign state of Biafra but is interested in a President of Igbo extraction.

He explained that IPOB are calling for freedom because the zone has been marginalized for years and has never tasted the presidency while its has been voting for others.

Okeke-Ogene said: 

“We are pursuing Igbo President because the executive of Ohanaeze, led by Nnia Nwodo, has the mandate of Ndigbo to negotiate the Igbo position in Nigeria.

“He was not given a mandate for the sovereign state of Biafra. That’s why we are saying, give us what is due to us. Nigeria’s President of Igbo extraction is what we are looking for.

“Our children seem to believe that Nigerians are not ready to give us what we want. They are saying: ‘if you’re not going to answer my father, I am going to tell my father that I am going to be myself.’ They are two different things.

“Let me tell you: it is coming to a point that an Igbo President is becoming a right, no more privilege because it is only the Southeast that has never tasted the presidency and we have been voting for everybody.

“So, the younger ones are concerned that Nigerians appear not ready to answer us. If they are sure that Nigerians will answer us, I believe that they will calm down. Nigeria is for all of us.”

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