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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Toyin Lawani Poses Naked With Giant Green Flower To Celebrate Nigeria At 60 (See Photos)

Toyin Lawani Poses Naked With Giant Green Flower To Celebrate Nigeria At 60
Toyin Lawani
Nigerian celebrity stylist and designer, Toyin Lawani has gotten the internet buzzing as she shared some tempting photos of herself covering her modesty with a giant green flower to mark the independence day of Nigeria.

Taking to her Instagram page, Toyin bemoaned the poor state of the nation in terms of development and the inability of the government to provide opportunities for the youth despite reaching 60 years.

She added that despite the hardship the Nigerian government has placed on it citizens, they will continue to strive and break boundaries globally for the benefits of the nation.

She captioned her first photo with this write-up;

"Happy Independence Day to Nigeria that’s nothing to write home About, But we will continue to strive and break boundaries internationally for our nation, open doors the Government couldn’t open for us for the youths, Not cause it’s our duty, But for the future, our kids Are the future ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️☝️Hopefully one day our voice will be heard ✅."

Sharing a photo of a boy chained to a generator, the fashion enthusiast raised alarm concerning the negative effects the absence of constant light have affected the life of an average Nigerian, saying that there is nothing to celebrate.


"Only if they knew how constant noise can affect ones mental state or how darkness can take ones life.

"Nigeria will step up their Game, Greed will not make them give us constant light, yet they give us BILLS, Kegs and Generators are our new Friends.

"Open your eyes, we are still chained, there’s no independence to celebrate," she said

The Serial Entrepreneur who boasts of having 33 businesses running, said she can not comfortably advise anyone to invest in Nigeria as the government will make it difficult for them to operate and make profits.

She however stated that whenever she's out of the country, she always rush back because there is no place in the whole world like home.

She said;

"As A Serial Entrepreneur who Runs 33 Businesses under her Roof, I can comfortably tell you, Nigeria is no place to run a Business and succeed easily, you have to tie you wrapper well and open your eyes, no days off for you, if your staff are not trying to ruin you or the public, the government will.

"When I wrote my Book @thebusinessmogulsguide. I put in all the failures I faced Running multiple businesses, but the fact is if I didn’t have my hands in many pies I won’t be as successful as I am today. Fashion is just my passion, it wouldn't have made me this successful today.

"Nigeria frustrates your Businesses, you pay all sorts of bills you haven’t even heard before in your life to distract your business, I pay estimated nepa bills and I don’t even have a meter, Radio & TV fees, parking fees infront of your own compound,🀣they remove my customer plate number.

"If I start I won’t finish, once you are in the eye of the public and they see your Business Booming they come everyday to milk you, someone said A Land flowing with milk and honey.

"Pls where is the milk, I want to suck milk ooo, This same Nigeria where Buisness moguls are fustrated daily , even when you go Abroad to source the key ingredients that makes your Business standout the government frustrate you while bringing them in, so all your gain will be used to bribe so they will allow you pass, you can’t even travel & come back with personal items now, you have to pay in your own country πŸ˜“ it’s extremely sad, we go through hell as Nigerians.

"How do you want them to respect us internationally when we are seen as fraudsters daily, there are some of us that work extremely hard with no sleep, day and night so our kids can get by and have the best education, few of this government officials can’t even send their kids to a Nigerian public school but when they see people like us send our kids abroad for better education they start to insult.

"Yet when I go abroad I always run back home cause I miss it, the food, the rush, the hustle, the vibe, no place like home I swear, but wish home wasn’t in darkness all the time."

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