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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Borno Massacre: 'Killers Pretended To Be Labourers', Says 24-Year-Old Survivor

Borno State Killing
Borno massacre by Boko Haram terrorists group
A 24-year-old survivor identified as Abdul who escaped from the recent Borno massacre by Boko Haram terrorists has narrated his experience and how he escaped.

According to him, the killers lived peaceably among the farmers for several days, sharing their dormitories and eating their food and pretending to be labourers that came for seasonal work. 

Then, on Saturday afternoon, they took out their guns, rounded up the people like cattle and slaughtered them one by one. 

This was the nightmare recounted by survivors of a massacre that unfolded in the rice fields of northeastern Nigeria on Saturday. As reported by the Vanguard.

Seventy-six people died, according to the authorities. Many were impoverished farmworkers who were tied up before their throats were slit.

A traumatized Abdul who came to the field from Kebbi State with others said the murderers posed as labourers who had come to the rice fields in Koshobe, Borno State, to do seasonal work. 

“I ran errands for them, getting them food and washing their plates.

"Around 40 jihadists were involved in the massacre, one of them told me to run. 

"In the early afternoon of Saturday, they took out their guns and herded about 60 workers in front of an abandoned building.

“They separated the aged (from) the rest of us and said we should take turns to pay homage to their leader who was in the house. But it was only a ploy because whoever went in never came out. 

“At a point one of the insurgents guarding us told us that we were being slaughtered and asked us to flee, I was one of the few lucky ones,” said Abdul. 

He added that as he fled, he saw the assailants as they went on a killing spree, seizing workers on rice fields, tying them up and slitting their throats.

Abdul also narrated how a 20-year-old victim named Ali, from Zabarmari was killed despite an agreement that prevent the jihadists from attacking Zabarmari residents. 

“They asked who among them was from Zabarmari and my brother immediately stepped forward and was asked to enter the house where he was slaughtered,” he said, recounting what was said to him by a witness. 

“There was an agreement that the jihadists would never attack Zabarmari residents, which was why Ali was quick to step forward, thinking he would be spared,” he added

Forty-three corpses were found in the building, and 33 have been found in the rice fields. More, it is feared, have yet to be discovered.

Teams continued the search for bodies of victims of the Borno massacre on Tuesday, plodding through the expansive marshland on foot, trudging behind tractors. 

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