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Saturday, 30 January 2021

"Fornication Is No Respecter Of Gender" - Toke Makinwa Defends Cheating Women

"Fornication Is No Respecter Of Gender" - Toke Makinwa Defends Cheating Women
Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has taken to the internet to defend women who flirt around with different men saying that fornication is no respecter of gender.

The lifestyle entrepreneur said this in a tweet via her verified Twitter page, adding that men should also be persecuted for flirting around with different women.

She debunks names people give to the female gender when they themselves are guilty of the same act.

She tweeted,

"The spirit of Patriarchy is so strong in Africa it makes me sick, how can you say women who go from man to man will have questions to answer on judgment day, what of men who go from woman to woman? They’ll be welcomed into the pearly gates with open arms? Help me understand.

“When it is a woman she is promiscuous, when it is a man, he is living it up. fornication is no respecter of gender and you can’t judge someone because your sin is different or you are of a different gender.”

See some reactions below;

"Any human being that commits adultery/fornication will answer questions on judgment day
This is why most of you do things that are not right, you tend to find excuses to do wrong every time, call a spade a spade"

"I don't think the world was designed for women to fit in and be free... The rules and expectations for women are oppressively depressing!"

"God’s abhorrence weighed heavily on women than men, and God specifically forbids women from jumping around from one man to another. The body of a woman is meant for husband alone."

"So fornication and adultery were specifically stated as forbidden for women only??? Please who is she sleeping with? It takes 2 to tango..promiscuity is not allowed for both men and women. Forget African culture..what is wrong is wrong."

"Don't mind them. But the problem is dowry. The men buy their wives and that lowers the human value of the woman. That's why the children answer the names of the men. Because their mothers are slaves to their husbands."

"Lols a man told me that men are trained  polygamous cheats in nature I told him so what of women if we decided to turn the tables around"

See the tweet below;

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