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Saturday, 6 February 2021

"I Deserve A Drama Free Life, If You Bring Drama, I Cut You Off" - BBNaija Erica Says

"I Deserve A Drama Free Life, If Anyone Bring Drama, I Cut You Off" - BBNaija Erica Says
Nigerian-English model and reality TV star,  Erica Nlewedim has revealed her new resolution, which is to cut off anyone trying to cause unnecessary drama in her life.

Erica said this in a tweet she shared via her official Twitter page, where she stated that starting from today if any of her friends, fans, or haters bring any sort of drama to her, she will cut them off from her life completely.

She tweeted:

“I deserve a drama-free life, from today if you’re a friend, fan, or hater and you bring me drama, I cut you off.”

See the tweet below;

Fans however reacted differently to her tweet. Some applauded her new decision, while others felt she complains too much.

See comments below...

This is sweeting me, the bird app of late has been full of unnecessary uncalled for drama. There are those who hate peace n always initiate nonsensical agendas that finally cause chaos. Star girl your words have healed my stressed mind. May entitlements come to an end now open hands

Nice one!!! End of story!!!

As you should, fine girls deserve a drama-free soft life❤Person shrugging‍♀

You are now talking, don't let fans put you in a situation you will regret later, most will leave to new fav come to next Bbnaija.

Way to go. If anyone consistently disregards your feelings, crosses boundaries, brings your drags, starts up the drama for you/in your name, feel free to remove them from your life. 

Everyone deserves peace and rest of mind.

The opinions, misconceptions, and assumptions of strangers should never outweigh the truth of those who truly know you. Let people believe what they want. Live your life and enjoy your truth! God knows how to shut the mouths of lions. Surely He can silence a hater.

God will give you the peace you wish for Queen

I love this. Hopefully, everyone who instigates drama will rest in Jesus' name.

You’re so right! What I’ve discovered about the argumentative & angry is they’re Immature in their communicative ability, underdeveloped in their character & from a biblical standpoint they’re foolish. Ecclesiastes 7:9 Don't become angry quickly, because anger is foolish.

I never see any celebrity complaining like this woman

Rest and leave her private life alone. Una no dey tire. Tueh

Great move & decision my lady...enough is enough!...no time to romance & pet yeye anymore, irrespective of who u think u are, I'm here to tell u that my fav said no one is above blocking Woman dancing this one sweet me die, move mad & move to block vile forever & ever!

That's what I av been longing to hear from you Erica, in fact, no true fan or friend would trigger anything that would cause drama. So stressive. For haters, it might be hard to trim their nonsense, though coz that's their job. No true fan would initiate drama unless its one n disguise

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