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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

"You Are Not Meant To Kiss Everybody You Sleep With" - Naira Marley

"I Am A Good Kisser" - Naira Marley
Nigerian musician Azeez Adeshina Fashola, known professionally as Naira Marley has shared his view on kissing and how it should be used.

The 'Marlians' President took his thought to his Twitter handle, according to the Soapy crooner, ‘you are not meant to kiss everybody you sleep with'. 

The Musician acknowledges that he is a good kisser but he usually pretends not to know how to kiss as it is not everybody one is meant to kiss.

"I’m a good kisser but I pretend I don’t like kissing because u’re not meant to kiss everybody u sleep with," the singer tweeted

Here are some reactions to his tweet;

"Yes to avoid them bite your tongue in the process.

"Hmm...I shouldn't sleep with who I can't kiss and shouldn't kiss with who I can't sleep 
WTF am I saying"

"Now you've said this, and all the girls you've slept n yet to sleep with see this tweet, how do you go on pretending you do not like kissing, defeats the purpose."

"Why are you sleeping with everybody you're not meant to kiss"

"Some people mouth odor be like juju perfume...or them they reject you kissing them..your mouth fit smell pass sucker-away ooooh"

"You just don't kiss and tell (LORI IRO) SO........let talk ABOUT the way you got kissed (if you can deny the vice PLS HOW about the versa)"

"Try kiss some people and boom they bite your lip..set awon carnivorous human being

"Jangons...Don’t sleep with who you can’t kiss"

"Ah! I can’t sleep with someone I cannot kiss pere."

See the tweet below...

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