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Saturday, 20 March 2021

No More Prido Ship: Dorathy Bachor Confirms Break-up With Prince (See Reactions)

 Dorathy and Prince
BBNaija reality TV star, Dorathy Bachor has confirmed her break up with her BBNaija friend/lover Prince Nelson Enwerem, few days after she blocked him on social media.

Dorathy disclosed this while commenting under Erica's tweet, where she asked her fans 'The Elites' to focus on only her henceforth as she's presenting having issues with her lover Kiddwaya.

Erica's tweet;

“To my babies, I’m sorry I ever gave you reasons to be distracted, this time it’s all about focus and unity, no more distractions, no more scholarships- don’t forget we are powerful! thank you and love you! Have a great day."

Dora who recently changed her twitter name retweeted Erica's tweet, with a caption; “Hey babe, borrow me this tweet for a Second. T for Thanks”

Read few comments from her followers below:

“Whatever, even though I’m a fan, no matter what you choose to do or let go off: I feel you are more matured than letting social media into it, like you said earlier it’s your privacy not social media ship. social media doesn’t need to know anything is wrong…. anyways”

“Wait I thought Igwe has opened palace gate for You? Kilo happen???

Na lie ooo Na marriage must happen”

“Your happiness is all that matters, las las they will adjust, just do what makes you happy. Love you Dorothy”

“Why y’all feel the need for the whole world to know what happens in your private life is what I don’t get”

“You have become what you criticized, it doesn’t take long before the unraveling of hypocrisy.”

“I thought Dora said she is not a do social media person. So why bring ur private misunderstanding on social media mama)!

“Construct your own tweet , don’t drag us into your mess”- 

“I can’t even begin to express just how happy I am as so many people blocked me for telling them to focus on you during shipping days and guess what? God didn’t shame us!!! BRAND BUILDERS TO THE WORLD”

“Lmao prido no be ship naw they’re just friends. so what are you borrowing the tweet for,,,,, my love ??”

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