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Sunday, 18 April 2021

Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals What Love Means To A Man And A Woman

Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals What Love Means To A Man And A Woman
Nigerian Gospel minister, Joshua Selman Nimmak, also known as Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed how men and women understand the language of love.

The founder and senior pastor of the Eternity Network International revealed this in his recent gospel teaching, where he explained that men understand the statement "I Love You" as purpose and respect, while women understand it as time, attention, and care.

In his words;

"If you tell a lady "I love you" in her world based on the dimension of God she was fashioned, you spoke something else. 

"When you tell a guy "I love you" in his world based on his configuration by God, they don't mean the same thing in both worlds. 

"For instance, love for a man simply means two thing, purpose and respect, very simple there is no long story about it. Every time you attempt to tell a man that you love him, it's not so much about emotions. It is a sense of respect. So, if you tell me you love me, I'll say "I'm watching". 

"Words don't mean so much to men, it is the action. So, many men do not even know what love means to them because they do not know what dimension of the image of God, they are representing. So, love to man means respect and honor. 

"That's why the Bible says, "Husbands love your wives and wives submit to your husbands". Why did he say submit? What is the correlation between love and submission? 

"What does it means to submit? It is bringing your strength under control. The best of man in any family is expressed when there is submission. Men respect those above them, they love those below them but they fight those who claim equality with them. It is how God design them. 

"When a guy and a lady enter into a relationship, both of them might not understand what dimensions of God's image they represented. If they understand it they will both relate with each other better. 

"Let travel to the world of a lady and define love. When a guy tells a lady "I love you" and the lady says, really? The guy will get embarrassed because he does not understand a lady language of love. 

"To him, his definition of love means being purpose driven and responsible, but that means something different in a lady's world. For a lady, love means three things, time, attention and maximum care. The capacity to satisfy her emotional and psychological needs, I'm not talking about sex. 

"So, when a lady says to the guy, "Do you really love me?" What the guy thinks she's saying is that "Are you purpose-driven?" But in an actual sense, she's saying "Do you really have the time, the capacity to satisfy my emotional and psychological need?" but the guy doesn't understand such love language.

"This is one of the reasons why many relationships do not last, not necessarily because they are not created in the image of God but they do not know what dimensions of God's image they represent."

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