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Sunday, May 9, 2021

A Woman That Likes You Genuinely Won’t Bill You Unnecessarily — Man (See Reactions)

 A Woman That Likes You Genuinely Won’t Bill You Unnecessarily — Man
A Nigerian man identified as Mr West @adet0la on Twitter has shared his opinion on the issue of women who put almost all their financial burdens on a man in a relationship.

Mr West stated that a woman who genuinely loves a man will not bill him unnecessarily and according to him, this is an experience he once had.

He, however, pointed out that some men who lament over how they spend on their girlfriends yet they don’t actually like them is because they are dating gold diggers.

See the screenshot below...

Some social media users took to his comment section to share their individual opinions on the said matter.

I agree with this 100% . Your mouth even gets heavy to ask. Is just natural 

Sochima Ezenwata
The end got me smiling but the man is actually in love sha. He equalized both Gender if you really understand him. But I just pray he don't spend all his money.

Adaobi Okorie
True shaa cos i cant be billing my man unneccesarily na why ah dey hustle to buy some certain things for my self without disturbing him for everything.

Precious Azubuike
Very true but that doesn't stop the act of giving cause she didn't ask
When you love someone you surprise them without being asked😍😍 and it shouldn't be one-sided it's for both...Shaa until I get man, baby get ready to be spoilt💃🏾

Juliet Nwamaka Onuoha
True sha. When I love you I won't even be bothered about your money. Unless it's really important. But doesn't mean a man shouldn't spoil his woman with gifts and money sha 😙😙 man money dey sweet

Annabel Ijeoma Obioha
Yes sometimes we bill guys we don't want just to scare them

Isiguzo Chinonso
Why would you even bill your guy unnecessarily when you know he doesn't have it... Don't you have a father or a family?
Even the wife sef no suppose dey bill unnecessarily... You wan make high BP k!ll nwoke mmadu?

Chinenyé Ashley Orakanma
This is true..if a girl intentions to her man is pure and want to see him win..she won’t bill him unnecessarily..she’ll advise him and hope he does better in all his endeavors ..to her it’s a win-win for them both...But this has to do with a strong faith and mindset that her man is her man and she believes they will last and even if not..she will learn to move on...Also it’s also how the guy treats her..will work when she’s treated with love and encouragement...The summary of it all is when two people are real to each other and are ready for the love business and also to put in the work ..things will work out

Chi Immaculate Nwakibu
There’s nothing like billing there, shoe get size go for what u can afford and stop calling daughters of Zion gold diggers...this life is very simple na una dey complicate am and the annoying part of it is that if some of these girls don’t reply or give them the attention they start seeing it as pride or arrogance

Lucy Frances
Fact...I try so hard to make my own money so that I don't disturb anyone, i feel bad when I'm always receiving and not giving out. tho I don't bill anyone talk more of unnecessarily
I just take anyone you give me and bless you with all my heart

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