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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

True Love Can Only Be Complete With Money — Actress, Chelsea Eze

 True Love Can Only Be Complete With Money — Actress, Chelsea Eze
Award-winning Nollywood actress and media personality, Chelsea Ada Ezerioha, known professionally as Chelsea Eze has shared some insights into what true love entails.

In a recent update on her Snapchat account, Chelsea Eze revealed that true love can only be made complete when there is plenty of money to spend in the relationship, and thus, she urged her fans to try and get a lot of it.

She wrote;

"Get money and on getting it, get a lot of it for only then can true love be complete."

Her submission has stirred an avalanche of mixed reactions from social media users as whilst some concurred in her thoughts others vehemently disagreed with her alluding to the claim that true love does not need money to make it perfect.

See the screenshot below...


Not really, I know ladies who stood by their men when they had nothing, I know ladies who even supported their men with school fees and more. Isn’t such act defined as true love? True love isn’t all about money, get your fact that right.


What can yhu say about all those WEALTHY LADIES that got divorced? No manual for ds marriage of a thing o


Wooo, all of you should gettout jare, ati love ati money , I no get anything


My notebook don full, I’ll quickly go and get a new one. Because i need to keep writing ✍️ so I don’t forget 


So na money be true love? Why una dey hide dis update since


There is no true love without money, just hustle so you don’t learn the hard way

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