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Saturday, 26 June 2021

#bbnreunion: "I Still Love Dorathy, My Biggest Regret Is Having S£x With Tolanibaj" - Prince Says

#bbnreunion: "I Still Love Dorathy, My Biggest Regret Is Having S£x With Tolanibaj" - Prince Says
The Big Brother Naija lockdown reunion show episode seven was focused on Dorathy, Prince, Tolanibaj and Lilo.

Some hidden secrets which the managements of the reality TV show kept away from it viewers keep pouring out from the ex-housemates.

Dorathy Bachor explained why she blocked Prince from all of her social media accounts, as well as how he was intimate with Tolanibaj and kissed by Lilo.

Prince, in his part revealed that Tolanibaj was the only decision he regretted and he his still 100% in love with Dorathy.

Wathoni also voiced her opinion on the incident.

The following are some of the statements made by these housemates:


"We had a conversation, dora ended the call. Less than 10 minutes after the call, Dorathy blocked me on social media. I tried to call her, no way, she blocked me on all social media platforms. She unblocked me on WhatsApp. I was trying to apologise to her, I was at fault."


“I felt Prince was manipulative and insincere. Prince was my best friend after the show, I asked him about Tbaj, he said there was no friendship between them. Everything was cool till after my birthday, I got so much trolling from Tolanibaj and her fans. I was called a husband snatcher, my mum even saw those posts. Prince told me Tolanibaj keeps disturbing him, that his only regret was that they had s**. I was angry because he didn’t tell me this initially. He should have told me everything before we started flowing with the prido bullsh**…..


“Prince bought followers, he was also using prido to chase clout and get followers. The prido thing made me angry because the fans kept trolling me online. I caught Lilo and prince kiss*ng after the Saturday all white party in front of me, while we were going back to the hotel in the bus. I regret being in the entanglement with Prince.”


"I was drunk after the Saturday night party. I kiss*d him, it didn’t last upto 5 seconds. Prince stopped me. I told Dorathy and she flared up. I was not happy with the news being on blogs because I dont want to be tagged with a man."


“I commend Dorathy for managing her emotions very well. Tbaj told me about the Lilo situation. It’s quite unfair Prince put two people in this drama. Tolanibaj really loved Prince.


"Prince didn’t give me flowers on my birthday but he gave Dorathy."

“Tolanibaj ran up to me and kiss*d me, immediately I left the Bbnaija house. After having a conversation with Tolanibaj, I told her let’s just be friends. Even when we had s** we were just friends, nothing serious. During her birthday, she asked me to give her 1 million naira.”

"Tolanibaj came to my DM to rant because I gave Dorathy flowers on her birthday. That’s when Tolanibaj started trolling Dorathy online. I intentionally went late to Wathoni’s birthday to avoid Tolanibaj, unfortunately the party started late. I dont want to have anything to do with Tolanibaj. We are not dating. I’ve never bought social media followers, I dont even care about social media. Tolanibaj is the only decision I’ve regretted in my life. She has insulted my family members.

"I still love Dorathy. I’m 100% with Dorathy. I love her till death. I hope she forgives me…….”

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