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Thursday, 12 August 2021

“Now We Can Get Obi Cubana” – Jaruma Unveils New Protection Breaker To Penetrate Rich People

 Jaruma and Cubana
Jaruma, a popular Nigerian s£x therapist, has revealed that she now has a solution for ‘desperate ladies' who want to be sugar daddies to billionaire businessman Obi Cubana.

Jaruma, who previously stated that her products could not be used on most Nigerian rich men due to their spiritual protection, has suddenly reversed her stance.

In a video she published on social media a few days ago, the Kanyamata salesperson stated that Obi Cubana and numerous other guys of his quality have spiritual protection, making her products ineffective on them.

According to her, Obi Cubana has the support of his wife, Ebele Iyiegbu, in addition to their spiritual protection, making it more difficult to trap him with any kanyamata product.

She encouraged girls at the time who were yearning to make the chairman of the Cubana company their sugar daddy to first find out a means to get through his spiritual protection.

While unveiling the protection breaker on her Instagram page, she captioned it;

“All rich influential people have Spiritual Protection This is the NEW Protection Breaker so that u can penetrate & get what u want from the person….!!!! This Protection Breaker can be used on BOTH MEN & WOMEN,”

A curious follower then inquired if this substance would assist her in getting millionaire businessman Obi Cubana, Jaruma said yes.

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