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Sunday, 12 December 2021

"Why I Don't Want To Get Married Or Give Birth" - Reality TV Star, Angel Smith Reveals

BBNaija Angel speaks about Marriage and giving birth
BBNaija season 6 ex-housemate, Angel Smith has made a shocking revelation about marriage and giving birth to kids.

The 21 year-old revealed she is in love with her space, so prefers dating to long term commitment. 

She also added that she doesn’t want a mini version of herself, and that she will either adopt or consider Surrogacy in the future.

In a series of tweets, the Bbnaija star wrote;

“Because I don’t want to get married or give birth.👁👁I want a baby via adoption.

"I’ve also considered this as well (surrogacy) but the main reason why I don’t want to get pregnant is because I don’t want a mini me? If that makes sense.

"I don’t mean like a mini me in terms of personality; I think I’m okay in that aspect, what I mean is complex and I can’t guarantee that if I say it, people won’t diagnose me with mentos illnezz.

"I feel content when I’m in my own space, that’s why I’d rather just date instead of having long term commitments. So I actually feel you tbh.

"I unfortunately do not have the strength to try to get people to perceive me as “strong” because I’m a human being. 

"If I’m sad I’ll tweet it, if I’m happy I’ll tweet it, if I’m anxious I’ll tweet it. Anyone that takes that as a sign of weakness just doesn’t belong in my tribe.”

Few comments from her followers reads:


She don tell una b4 say majority of wetin she dey tweet na cruise. Believe what she says at ur own risk.

Una suppose don dey use to how she dey yarn by now. Make una no dey put too much emotions. Nanite everyone 😇😇😇


Break away that fear and doubt. Be positive abt d gifts & beauties of life. I believe in u & know u r strong & capable swt lady. Don’t let ur inner demons approve of ur don’t. My dear be careful what u put out to d universe cos it listens & might grant d wishes u may regret abt


You make sense I’m raising my mini me and it gets frustrating at times bcz mine is more vocal than me 🤦🤦

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